What is NFT?

NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) is a new technology that has been generating significant buzz in the art world and media for several months now. Although the technology has existed for years, its renewed attention has led a number of artists around the world to create and sell NFT artworks. “Non-fungible”  more or less means that it’s unique and can’t be replaced with something else. Anything digital can be an NFT: paintings, music, twits, even your brain downloaded and turned into an AI. However, the current excitement centers mostly around selling digital art using this technology.

Blockchain Economy Expo 2020 Dubai

Why To Participate?

We offer talented NFT artists an opportunity to present their digital Art in front of the visitors from 150 countries. Not a small number of NFT events have been taking place since the outbreak of this technology. But here is our difference: none of the previous NFT events had this big and global audience  for you to present your Artwork.

If you are an NFT Artist:

  • Looking for a bigger audience
  • Looking to have in person meetings with NFT marketplace representatives
  • Aiming to create a meaningful network with other NFT artists
  • Or just wanting to sell your Artwork

You should definitely join us.
Only 70 lucky NFT Artists will get this chance.

Two-day price for one digital screen(55") rental is 700 USD. You are allowed to display 3 NFT artworks on one screen.

Blockchain Economy Expo 2020 Dubai